ConnectNorth is located in the Victoria suburb of Epping which is within the City of Whittlesea, one of Melbourne’s fastest growing Municipalities


The City of Whittlesea’s rapid growth comes from the 8,000 new residents that move into the area each year plus there are approximately 63 babies born within the Municipality each week.
The current population is approximately 202,730 residents and this is expected to reach 333,700 by 2036 representing an increase of 64.5% over the next
20 years.


The City of Whittlesea is located in the rapidly expanding region of Melbourne’s North, and offers businesses the perfect combination of:

  • strategic location
  • high levels of population growth
  • great lifestyle
  • a culturally diverse and multi- lingual labour force
  • quality amenities
  • excellent road transport links

The extension of Melbourne’s Urban Growth Boundary to include the north-west of the municipality (including where ConnectNorth is located) further supports the generation of additional business investment in the area.

ConnectNorth will form a vital link in developing a healthy and active neightbourhood

Plan Melbourne’s Metropolitan Planning Strategy, released by the Victorian State Government in 2014 detailed their intention to support the development of ‘The 20 Minute Neighbourhood’. Epping, located within the vibrant and developing City of Whittelsea appears to already be implementing many of the elements associated with creating healthy and active neighbourhoods, so that people can access local services within 20 minutes from home.

The implication of this style of thinking and support from the Government is great for ConnectNorth with the ongoing support and encouragement from Local Government and Councils to build and develop local infrastructure and businesses. This long term outlook encourages a local and growing work force by attracting attract more residence with greater skill levels to not only live locally but also work locally.